Airport Trolley Retriever Equipment

TÜNKERS Scooter E2

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The Airport-Scooter transports and collects luggage trolleys efficiently and cost-effectively. The trolleys can be shunted with a pushing or pulling motion using a special adapter. For scooters in pushing mode, the service personnel can also remotely control the trolleys from the first trolley in the file.


The TÜNKERS scooter is a modern transport system for efficient and cost effective collection and transportation of baggage trolleys in the airport.

The TÜNKERS scooter uses maintenance free dry cell batteries with a built in charger for ease of recharging from a 3-pin power plug and provides long operation times. Designed with safety in mind, TÜNKERS scooters are equipped with warning flash light and beeper that is activated during operation. There is also an emergency switch, horn, foot and key switch to ensure all round operation safety.

The TÜNKERS scooter has various modes of operations. When fitted with a front or rear adapter, it is able to push or pull baggage trolleys. There is also the option of using a remote control to push the baggage trolleys with the user guiding the first trolley from the front.

The TÜNKERS scooter is also applicable to other areas of industry such as in the malls, factories, warehouses and etc.



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