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Wanzl Housekeeping Classic

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The special features of the Premium Classic chambermaid trolley help the room service personnel to provide a perfect service. It can be customised as required by adding practical accessories.

Agile and easy to manoeuvre thanks to the innovative 5th castor

With all-round bumper profile and integrated deflectors to protect your stock

Adaptable: available in 3 sizes and 3 designs

Folding side sections for space-saving storage


Standard equipment
Steel-tube design, fold-out bars for hanging laundry and rubbish bags, one of which is a bar with folding lid for closing 120-litre plastic bags. Lower bars, each with grate. Two fixed and two height-adjustable shelves in matching finish.

ZP-7 model
2 swivel castors, 2 fixed castors, with polyamide treads.

ZP-9 and ZP-11 models
4 swivel castors with polyamide tread, 5th castor in the centre with rubber tread.

Plastic powder-coated in titanium grey

5th castor – extremely manoeuvrable
Simply brilliant: With the 5th castor allows the trolley to turn on the spot. Available for the ZP-9 and ZP-11 models.

Accessories: polyester cover for rubbish bag
Visually and functionally perfect: “invisible” rubbish bag thanks to polyester cover. A much nicer look.

All-round protection for your hotel interior
Protective feature: integrated deflector profile and rubber deflectors protect the hotel interior.

Detailed Overview

  • Dimensions (mm):

  • Length

    765(ZP-7) / 925(ZP-9) / 1115(ZP11)

  • Width


  • Height