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The special features of the Premium Clean chambermaid trolley help make cleaning more efficient. Like all premium models, it can be upgraded with practical accessories.

Cleaning made easy

Retaining net for holding a cleaning tray

Extendable trays for customized storage space


Standard equipment
Steel-tube design. Two fixed and two height-adjustable shelves in matching finish. Right-hand side: fold-out bar for hanging a rubbish bag. Lower bar with grate and 2 stackable waste separation boxes with lids. Left-hand side: adaptable equipment with extendable, pull-out shelves and a retaining net for cleaning materials.

ZP-7 model
2 swivel castors, 2 fixed castors, with polyamide treads.

ZP-9 and ZP-11 models
4 swivel castors with polyamide tread, 5th castor in the centre with rubber tread.

Plastic powder-coated in titanium grey.

Shelves and grates

Net for cleaning materials, folding

Middle options

Extendable, fold-out shelf with locking pegs or Fold-out grate or Net for cleaning materials, folding

Bottom options

Extendable, fold-out shelf or Fold-out grate

Materials pocket accessory
Made from polyester. As practical as it gets. For items that always need to be in the same place, ready to hand. Whether it’s guest supplies or cleaning materials, whatever you need.

Detailed Overview

  • Dimensions (mm):

  • Length

    765(ZP-7) / 925(ZP-9) / 1115(ZP11)

  • Width


  • Height