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The hotel-max. S and the hotel-max. L do their work as a constant, “invisible” companion to the chambermaid and thus prevent impairment of the overall impression given by hotels with an upmarket ambience.

“Invisible” assistants for disturbance-free housekeeping

For hotels with an upmarket ambience, such as boutique hotels or resorts

Compact, manoeuvrable and stylish


Standard equipmentff
hotel-max. S and hotel-max. L service trolleys:
The chassis comprises a stable round tube design with a plastic powder coating. The wire storage basket and wire bottom tray hold the service basket, the hotel-max. L features particularly generous dimensions.
Made of plastic with non-wearing tread.
hotel-max. S and hotel-max. L service baskets:
Plastic in woven willow look. Food-safe, heat-resistant to 70°C and UV stable. Washable and suitable for dishwashers.
Extras on the hotel-max. L service basket:
There are two basket heights, each equipped with a small items basket. The lower height also has 440 mm / 17 in high compartment dividers.,

Hotel Max S

Hotel Max L

Collapsible to save space
The hotel-max. S and hotel-max. L service trolleys can be folded down to occupy very little space when they are not needed. It really does not get any more practical. Both very quickly become indispensable.

Lots of space for cleaning requirements
Everything you need for housekeeping can be comfortably accommodated in the wire basket on the control handle of the hotel-max.

Particularly gentle
Plastic profiles ensure additional protection of all surfaces. The double edging wire provides the service basket with additional support.

Plastic insert as standard
The plastic insert for the wire basket prevents small articles from falling out.

Detailed Overview

  • Dimensions in (mm):

  • Trolley

  • Width


  • Depth


  • Height


  • Basket

  • Width


  • Depth


  • Height



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