Vertical clamps

Terrier FBK/TOBK

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– For lifting and transporting steel beams, profiles and structures where the load must stay in position.

– The special shape of the lifting shackle, places the centre of the gravity of the beam beneath the lifting shackle, this maintains the equilibrium of the beam once it has been lifted and keeps the flanges vertical so that the beam can easily be stacked or positioned.

– Recommend for transporting and stacking of steelbeams (e.g. sawing of steelbeams, stacking of steelbeams and building of steel construction).

– Lifting capacity and jaw-opening are clearly engraved in the body.



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– For lifting and transporting steel beams, profiles and structures .

– Because of the safety mechanism, the clamp is locked in closed as well as in open position.

– The clamp is suitable to lift steel beams on the flange as well as on the upper ends of the beam.


Dimension for Terrier FBK/TOBK