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Connect – the name says it all. This distinctive collection creates a flexible connection between different culinary profiles. With a wide range of items, it meets both the pragmatic and aesthetic demands of the grand banquet and the need for appealing presentation in the restaurant. The formal language is restricted to two cones as the geometric building blocks of all plates, platters and hollow-ware items.
Thanks to these clean lines, CONNECT fits harmoniously into every setting.

The more that’s demanded of us, the more we grow: That’s why CONNECT is able to step out with absolute confidence at big events. The basic range with various conical dishes and plates is complemented by striking pieces that lend a particular charm to any table setting – from generous show plates to beautifully shaped bowls to grandiose gourmet plates. Its reduced, timeless design makes this collection the ideal stage for different food presentations.

What culinary delights may the banquet guest expect? Each menu is an individual composition. CONNECT’s elegant restraint does not impose any limits on culinary inspiration. In fact the collection’s pure simplicity generates just the right creative atmosphere for inventing new forms of expression, proving that CONNECT is a valuable team player. Furthermore, this young all-rounder can perform a wide range of functions, as required.



Set Platter

Coffee Mug

Coffee mug stackable

Cup and Saucer stackable

Cup and saucer Café au lait

Cup and saucer tall

Cup and saucer low



Platter coup oval

Platter with rim oval



Bowl Tall

Bowl low

Bowl oval

Salad Dish Round

Creamsoup Cup

Gourmet plate deep with rim

Plate deep with rim

Plate flat with narrow rim

Plate flat with rim

Plate flat coupe

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