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HYGGE just creates a good mood and invites you to share the positive and simple things in life with others. Shapes and colours are freely mixed together: bowls with platters or coupe plates; plain pieces with decorated ones. Enjoying the coffee experience, enhanced by HYGGE’s delightful cups in various sizes, can only enrich your joie de vivre.

HYGGE epitomises the Danish art of living. SCHÖNWALD has translated this concept into an entire spectrum of cheerful patterns in shades of blue with a trendy hand-made look. The seven different styles look as if they have been casually painted on the porcelain – a rustic painting technique that lends them inchoate charm.

Simply put, HYGGE creates a cheerful mood – particularly when all the patterns are colourfully mixed together on a table. A mix ‘n’ match of fresh light blue combined with a rich dark blue. Selected on-trend pieces from PLAYGROUND can be added to convey an impression of rural cosiness

HYGGE invites us to take pleasure in sharing the good and simple things of life. It happily mixes shapes and colours: bowls with flat or deep coupe plates, plain colours with decorated pieces. Joie de vivre is further heightened by the enjoyment of coffee to which HYGGE contributes with pleasing cups in different sizes.




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