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Sanspareil – in one word: incomparable
Sometimes shapes are created which are unique. Such as the incomparable shape 798 – therefore it is called Sanspareil. The designer Ferdinand Pleyer picked up baroque stylistic elements and with their help he gave new life to the movements of a great epoch. For example by the soft lines, which are continued from the coffee pot and the festooned plates to the lavish handles. Underlined by a fine relief, which covers the whole shape like a translucent cloth.

Noblesse oblige
Sanspareil breathes the air of an epoch when porcelain was reserved for noble society only. When the white gold was said to have magic features. Today the shape still enchants the guest not only by its lovely created details: a small band decorated with golden flowers, combined with a fine marble structure underlines the festive appearance of Sanspareil.


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