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Shape 98

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As simple as it is ingenious: Dr. Hermann Gretsch’s timeless design laid the foundations for Schönwald’s design competence in 1936. Its reduced aesthetics makes this shape so versatile that it is perfectly possible to interpret modern needs with it.

The new vogue for coffee
Coffee is the drink of the moment, with coffees for every taste and every occasion.
This is more than just a passing fad, because coffee has developed into a genuine lifestyle theme. A modern classic, the legendary shape 98 by Schönwald, ensures that you can savour it in true style in all its many international variations. The new series of tall cups, available in five different sizes, blends harmoniously into shape 98’s design concept. From the classic espresso cup & saucer to various cup sizes for cappuccino and the like to oversize mugs for hot beverages in the XXL-theme a playful mixture of different sizes guarantees coffee culture at the highest level.

Colourful variations for coffee time
Four lively colours with handwritten motifs characterize the décor concept Combination. Put together combinations by chance: sunny yellow cups on green saucers, casual blue striped plates offset by the purple sugar-bowl lid or coffee pot – every combination has its special charm! The gentle colour gradation in addition creates interesting reflections of colour between the sides of the cups and the saucers. The handwritten motifs, placed seemingly at random, underscore the experimental character of this novel short series. Combination brings colour into a monochrome everyday environment and invites you to make the most of enjoying your cup of coffee.

A gentle interplay of colours
The Lorano pattern blends unassertively and harmoniously with the gentle shapes of shape 98, creating a rounded stylistic effect. The combination of watercolour blue and fresh, fragrant mint green, linked by stylised twining leaves, conjures up freshness and lightness on your table.

A new look
Pattern Young Line – available in the four modern pastel shades lilac, light blue, sage and vanilla – tastefully and cleanly interprets the classic design of shape 98. White lines interrupt large blocks of colour, creating an exciting transition with the white of the china. On shape 98, the combination of the clear formal idiom, the trendy colour scheme and the graphically pure pattern generates an entirely new look with which you can entertain your guests in a vivaciously modern style.

Custom décors
Do you want to discover how best to integrate the classic shape 98 into your own personal style, or would you like to add a personal touch to selected standard patterns? Simply take the creative ideas by SCHÖNWALD as a source of inspiration. With our meticulous attention to detail, we will help you to find your very own personal style. Our field service and our mobile décor design unit will be pleased to come to your door. Just give us a call!


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