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SIGNATURE conjures up inexhaustible design possibilities for the table, for the realization of which the collection avails itself of an unconventional design vocabulary. Excitement is created by the interplay of the porcelain pieces that make the presentation of food into a fascinating feast for the eye. Thus each culinary presentation is given an individual touch: at times full of suspense, at times humorous, sometimes surprising and sometimes restrained – and always creative.

A plate is a plate and will always be a plate. This may be true, but the creative touches added by the renowned designer Carsten Gollnick turn it into a stage for culinary visions. Signature enhances our eating customs and visual expectations and invites us to experience cuisine in entirely new dimensions, with ingenious creations that cater for novel, imaginative culinary trends. The design touches are not just for design’s sake, but have been crafted to cater for the specific demands of modern gastronomy. SIGNATURE is a form of porcelain that appreciates how to set trends – delighting in experimentation.

SIGNATURE simply offers a novel interpretation of traditional shapes and gives them unusual roles.
Bowls are transformed into a spoon with sweeping curves that serves as a saucière, bowl for starters or dessert plate. Plates no longer have the usual round shape and set new trends with soft oval lines or take on a rectangular form with inviting separate terraced sections. Even if the imagination is still running wild – the design remains clear and never comes across as playful.


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