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Jo Laubner’s spherical design vocabulary laughs in snobbery’s face. The emphatically rounded naturalness is plain, down-to-earth and cheerful. It is a shape that is perfect for many different purposes.

VARIO convinces with flair, independence and a clean, unembellished design. At the same time, VARIO is more than just a functional system dining service. The collection has deliberately been given a sensual design, creating an atmosphere that encourages enjoyment. It is a range that, with only a few pieces, can be extremely versatile, and it can do everything that one expects today from a high end professional dining service.

With VARIO, guests don’t simply sit down at a set table: They experience a modern, tasteful presentation that whets the appetite for more. The collection owes its unmistakable character to the simultaneous presence of precise lines and smoothly converging surfaces.

Just one look at this collection designed by Jo Laubner is enough to convey its naturalness and, despite the fascination of its logic, it still appeals directly to the emotions as well. Whether it is used in the lobby of a top hotel or in a beautiful garden restaurant, this service always exudes joy. Such a permanently positive mood makes VARIO a flexible and practical partner in the world of professional dining.

Communal catering really shows the full extent of the collection’s diversity. The emphatically simple visual language fits in with every communal catering concept and handles different food themes with the greatest of ease. Designed to fit all standard tray shapes, large-scale catering presents no problem at all to VARIO.


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