Gemini® Jr. Convertible Hand Truck

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Using a Magliner Gemini Folding Hand Truck gives you higher capacities which equal higher gains. Based on industry norms using the Gemini in place of a standard hand truck will allow the driver to make 1 trip instead of 5! It will also save the average delivery person 8 minutes per stop and a total of 8 hours a week as well as lower driver fatigue by reducing muscle strain.




The Magliner aluminium hand trucks double as platform trucks. The Gemini Junior (GMK16UM4-2) carry normal loads just like standard hand trucks. Simply push a lever, and they instantly convert to platform trucks capable of carrying twice the volume. Doubling the volume eliminates extra trips, speeds deliveries, reduces strain and makes your employees more productive.

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    Dimensions for Gemini® Jr. Convertible Hand Truck