Movexx Electric Tugs


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The T1500 is an electric tug that can easily move trolleys and carts with a total weight of 1500 kg. Because of the exchangeable hook system, the T1500 can move a large range of carts and trolleys, such as roll containers, industrial carts, and waste containers. As long as the wheel configuration of the trolley consists of 2 fixed wheels and 2 steering wheels, or 2 fixed wheels and 4 steering wheels, the T1500 is capable to move these. The T1500 is standard supplied with AGM technology, but can optionally be equipped with a lithium battery. This machine also makes use of our unique exchangeable battery system, which enables you to quickly and simply change the empty battery for a full one. Your safety is increased by the ‘bellybutton’, which makes sure the machine automatically breaks and drives forward a bit when the bellybutton is pushed. We also have a lighter variant available, the Movexx T1000.

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