Project Engineering

B757 Aircraft Tooling Kit

Pogo jack to be used during B757 conversion from passenger to cargo plane.

A320 Maintenance Step

Complete docking system for B747

B767-200 BCF Docking

John Chen (Private) Limited being the first in the world to design and build this system.

B757 and A320 Maintenance Step

Waiting to be delivered.

Military Aircraft Stand

F16 fighter jet maintenance stand work in progress.

A380 No 2 & 3 Engine stand

Installation work in progress.

DC10 Maintenance Step

A380 No 1 & 4 Engine Stand

Work in progress at our workshop.

Lubricant Storage Tank

Assault Boat Trailer

Modular Forklift Ramp

Single Module Forklift Ramp

Heavy Duty Stackable Rack

Cage Carriers

For handling of cargo at difficult position for cruise ship unloading.

Baggage Trolley

Container Storage Rack

Gravity roller ensures smooth and safe transfer of LD cargo.

Cargo Slave

For handling of ULDs when uses with fork lift truck. Each cargo slave comes with three roll of roller track, two walkways and four manual pallet stoppers

Aluminum Extrusion Trolley

Design and build JT9D Engine Stand for local college

Design and build tubing hanger cell

Design and build wire mesh shelter