CribMaster Scan

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The CribMaster scanner is a ruggedized mobile computer for use with the CribMaster software in very rugged environments. If your facility is in need of a scanner that can withstand the rugged daily environment of your facility, this is your scanner. The CribMaster scanner is a mobile device that can withstand high level drops and intense impact.

CMScan works with both Windows CE and Windows Mobile 5 applications and allows the scanner to become an integral part of the CribMaster software and increases CribMaster scanner functionality. Several functions come standard with the scanner, which adds great capability to your scanner usage.


Single-handed wireless data collection
Durable, rugged, and reliable design
Easy-to-use size and shape
Long battery life
Windows CE device
802.11B communication
Barcode or key enter data
Communicate real time with CribMaster
Communicate in batch mode
Expand coverage and range as needed
Issue and receive items
Return used items
Cycle count
Quantity adjustments *
Assemble kits
Replenish kits *
Transfer *
Relocate *

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