Accu-Drawer RFID

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The AccuDrawer is a great solution for managing kits at point-of-use, tracking the usage of durable items, tracking maintenance items to work orders and tasks, and monitoring of inventory in FOD critical areas. There is no inventory to scan or transactions to log. Transactions are automatically recorded when inventory is removed from the cabinet and when items are missing from the cabinet the touch screen displays “items out” on the ATR screen, making FOD checks easy, fast, and accurate.

AccuDrawer is able to provide:
Simple “plug and play” self contained RFID device (COTS)
Touch screen control allows for User ID log in
Configurable drawer sizes allow for multiple product sizes
Total kit tracking and replenishment process tracking
Lot number and expiration date tracking and notification
Durable 100% made in the USA 16 gauge steel construction
Direct email or EDI communication with suppliers
190+ standard CribMaster reports with scheduling
Custom report configurable with Crystal Reports
Complete work order system and ability to track inventory to work orders
Battery powered option with 24hr battery
Reduced misuse of inventory
Improved inventory accuracy and FOD processes

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