Accu-Port RFID

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With CribMaster Accu-Port, your employees walk up to a caged area containing tools, MRO items, safety products, maintenance parts or any indirect material used to keep your facility going. As they enter the doorway, their name badge is read from wherever they may have it on their person. Their name sounds off audibly, the door is unlocked (given they have permission to enter the crib) and they enter to retrieve their items. The employee gathers all the needed items and they press the exit button to unlock the door and walk back through the Accu-Port which records the transaction for each item as they walk away. Your employees don’t have to scan, vend or even concern themselves with any aspect of retrieving items other than carrying them through the port. Everything is done automatically, in real time and will continue to contain all of the features that CribMaster applies to any inventory item. Serialized items, durable items, expendable items, kits and assemblies, maintenance parts, or inventory assigned to a work order.

The Accu-Port reads passive RFID labels or tags, which are applied to the inventory with the 3 RFID readers, which are mounted in the walls of the Accu-Port. Any item that has the label attached will be read and the transaction recorded with CribMaster software as it passes through the “portal”. The type of item is not important, only the tag affixed to the item is used to determine what item was removed, returned, or restocked inside the crib.

The CribMaster Accu-Port brings many functions, features and benefits to your shop floor:
Touch screen control allows for non-auto ID log in
Electro-magnetically controlled door with a lock that withstands 600lbs of pressure
Digital photo capture available for improved management
Multiple cage sizes and label packages
Easily expandable cage sections to increase storage capability
Automatic RFID identification of employee and items
Ability to carry an entire bin or cart of items through the Accu-Port and accurately track every item
Durable 100% made in the USA 16 gauge steel construction
170+ standard CribMaster reports
Custom report configurable with Crystal Reports
Reduce misuse of inventory
Eliminate pilferage
Improve inventory accuracy

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