AccuCab 2D

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Same great technology as the original AccuCab but with a more visual front and a 2-door design. The AccuCab2D works well in environments where the larger, more industrial single door cabinet doesn’t make sense. For instance, in a less industrial atmosphere like an office environment or lab the AccuCab2D is a much better fit.

Imagine your employees walk up to a cabinet that stores tooling, maintenance parts, kits, or even hazmat materials. Like all of our CribMaster point-of-use devices, the employee is required to identify himself or herself. The door unlocks and inside are shelves that contain the items they need to complete their task. Each item is identified with a passive Gen2 RFID tag and when the item is removed, inventory is automatically adjusted and monitored through CribMaster.


AccuCab2D Differences from Standard AccuCab
Brighter cabinet and more visible
Lighter weight doors
Better shelf labeling space
Smaller footprint
More appealing in less industrial environments

Useable Shelf Space Per Shelf: 44”W x 21”D

Detailed Overview

  • Dimensions (inches):

  • Inside

  • Height


  • Width


  • Depth