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The CribMaster CabLock modular cabinet storage system combines a proven electronically controlled locking modular cabinet with CribMaster Software to enable controlled distribution of inventory. Modular cabinets controlled by CribMaster enable a medium security distribution method that eliminates paper tracking and provides effective replenishment and usage tracking.

CribMaster has partnered with Stanley Vidmar, who has been creating modular cabinets in the US since the early 1950’s to provide proven and reliable hardware. This combination of reliable hardware and the leading indirect material inventory management software, provides a management system that is second to none.

13 standard drawer sizes

Up to 15 drawer units

CribMaster is fully integrated

Works with existing employee badges, proximity badges, or card swipes

Tracking of reworkable items

Gauge calibration tracking

FOD control features

Control access to modular cabinets

Expand control of your CribMaster system

Scan barcodes for access to inventory

Utilize all CribMaster inventory management features

Benefit from semi-secure distribution

Create accountability among users

Establish accurate and timely replenishment with supplier


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