Hybrid AccuCab

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The Hybrid AccuCab is a point-of-use device that combines two of the most cutting edge technologies, the scale-and-bin technology as used in the Weigh Station and RFID as used in the AccuCab. Our goal was to create a dual solution by combining multiple tracking methods to accurately manage both bench stock, MRO, PPE, and other consumables and durable types of inventories all in a single device. This point-of-use device allows the ability to easily retrieve bench stock such as fasteners and bolts and to track issues and returns of serialized and durable items all with a high level of accuracy.

When a user walks up to the Hybrid AccuCab, he or she must identify themselves prior to the door being unlocked. They can do this by using a touch screen monitor mounted on the door or with a barcode or proximity badge scan. Once the door is unlocked, the user opens the door to find bulk inventory in bins and inventory (that is tagged using Passive Gen2 Tags) on adjustable shelving. The user removes the inventory and shuts the door. The inventory is automatically adjusted and the inventory is properly accounted.


Simple “plug and play” self contained RFID device (COTS)
Touch screen control allows for User ID log in
Configurable shelving to accommodate different size items
Lot number and expiration date tracking and notification
Ability to monitor a bin of items and retain high accuracy
Durable 100% made in the USA 16 gauge steel construction
Direct email or EDI communication with suppliers
190+ standard CribMaster reports with scheduling
Custom report configurable with Crystal Reports
Complete work order system and ability to track inventory to
work orders
Item reservation and predictive ordering
Reduced misuse of inventory
Improved inventory accuracy
Great solution for high-use tools or MRO inventory

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