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modulock 6-18 doors

modulock 1-4 doors

CribMaster Modu-Lock has all the benefits of our other locker systems with the added flexibility of door sizes and configurations. Similar to the ToolCubes, our modular lockers simply connect to each other to create an expandable bay of lockers to dispense whatever items you require. With these modular lockers, adding to your configuration is as simple as plugging in a phone cable to expand your control.

The CribMaster Modu-Lock allows you to:
Store Large Items
Store Returnable Items
Return Used or Durable Items
Return Items Requiring Re-work
Manage Serialized Items and Gauges
Track Tool Usage by Cost Center
Benefit from Secure Point-of-Use Distribution

The CribMaster Modu-Lock brings many functions and features to your shop floor, including:
Handling Integrated Supply Inventory
Handling Consignment/Non-Consignment
Flexible Security/Product Access Control
Working with Existing Employee Badges
Touch Screen Interface
Bar Code Scanners

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