Toolbox Vending Machine

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The CribMaster Toolbox is the first generation of vending solution developed in the early 1990’s. It is still the dominate player in the marketplace because of its features, reliability and total solution expandability. This is one of many CribMaster toolcrib automation software driven devices and can be used in combination with other point-of-use solutions to completely satisfy all of your indirect material dispensing needs. The Toolbox is recommended for dispensing batteries, box knives, gloves, abrasive disks, filters, tape, PPE, marking pens, cutting tools, safety glasses, locktite, fasteners, flashlights, etc with high security.

The CribMaster Toolbox will allow you to:
Provide secure point-of-use distribution
Easily and immediately access your tools
Eliminate overuse by employee, department, machine, etc.
Automate your replenishment

The CribMaster Toolbox brings many functions and features to your shop floor, including:
View tool image or tool specs prior to dispensing
Bar Codes, HID readers, magnetic swipe options
Return to locations can be defined for inspected tools, returned tools to collect for rework, etc.
Many configurations, many options
No keypad wear issues
Many technology configurations, CMOL, replication, network, hybrid, air card options available
Ability to add CM9 software to manage items within toolcrib and preventive maintenance software
Flexible security/product access control
20 + point of use devices to expand into for larger items, durable items, FOD control, serialized items, gauges, kits, shelf life, lot numbers

Flexible Configuration

The CribMaster ToolBox comes with a very flexible dispensing layout to allow for many types of products to be dispensed. If a certain product is not well suited for a ToolBox one of the many other CribMaster point-of-use devices can help. Certain items can be problematic for helix style vending. You need additional solutions to handle those items and CribMaster has over 20 solutions to handle every dispensing need.

Detailed Overview