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The CribMaster ToolCube provides control, security and ease of access to your tools and supplies. With the ToolCube, we’ve combined this security, control and ease of distribution into a unique modular storage system that controls access to drawers and individual storage spaces.

The CribMaster ToolCube works by providing access to only the approved quantity of the exact item requested. Drawers come with moveable dividers and can easily be adjusted to accommodate many different types of inventory; the ToolCube compartments can contain unique items or kits of items.

As your operation grows and your control tightens, you may need to add on cubes to store different items. You can even add a ToolCube to your counter top to help your tool crib attendant distribute costly items.

The CribMaster ToolCube will allow you to:
Securely Store and Distribute Items
Open Drawers to Specified Locations
Handle Heavy Items
Vend Items without Repackaging
Dispense Items without Dropping
Configure Drawers and Add Drawer Sections as Needed

The CribMaster ToolCube brings many functions and features to your shop floor, including:
Bar Code Scanners
Touch Screen Interface
Handling Consignment/Non-Consignment
Tracking Usage History
Flexible Security/Product Access Control
Multiple Individual Drawer Sizes & Configurations
Configurable Drawer Dividers and Access Region
Handling Integrated Supply

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