Automated Vertical Carousel Storage System

Kardex Megamat RS 180

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Perfect space optimization!

With its particularly compact design, the Megamat RS 180 makes optimal use of available room dimensions and offers maximum storage space on minimal footprint. Compared to conventional shelving it is possible to save 75% and more of the required space. This additional floor space can be used e.g. to extend storage or production capacities. However, you do not only save storage space but also time during picking. Your processes are optimized and costs are reduced.

Find, don’t search!

In combination with the smart Logicontrol automated storage system Kardex Remstar Megamat RS 180 75% additional floor space picking becomes a very simple process, entirely without PC. The high cycle speed of the Megamat RS 180 and the “drive and view“ concept allow for faster access to the stored goods during order picking.

Optimal protection of staff and goods!

The ergonomic operator workplace of the Megamat RS 180 enables effortless and safe handling of goods during storage and retrieval.

The Megamat RS 180 is the ideal solution for:

– Storage and retrieval of small tools,components and spare parts

– Use as a buffer store

– Small parts in bins

– Same size parts

– Load ranges up to 180 kg per carrier

– Frequent access to all stored goods

– Warehouse ceiling height up to 7,5 m

You want to further increase your storage capacity? No problem!

Simply adjust the solution to your changing requirements and extend your Megamat RS 180 by extra units. Thanks to its modular structure and flexible carrier concept it can easily be adapted to a large number of different applications.


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