Vertical Lift Module Storage


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The Element Vertical Lift Module is the latest additional to a long line of existing Kardex Remstar VLM. Designed with simplicity and quality at its core, the Element VLM is the perfect solution for stepping out of shelving and into dynamic storage.


Flexible – Cubestar technology maximizes the storage density, providing up to 72% more storage capacity compared to standard shelving.

Practical – Utilizing the basic concept of a vertical lift module, the Element VLM is practical solution that is quick and easy to implement..

Affordable – Priced as an affordable entry level step into automated storage and retrieval.

Modular – Ranging in height from 13 feet to 26 feet, height can be easily added or subtracted in 19.6 inch increments.

Easy – Easy to operate controls allow the operator to retrieve goods with the push of a button.

Fast – All stored goods are delivered directly to the access opening eliminating walking and searching associated with typical shelving.

Mobile – The Element VLM can easily be relocated in the future anywhere in your facility.

Safe – Multiple safety and protection systems protect the operator as well as the stored goods

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