Vertical Lift Module Storage

Shuttle XP

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The Kardex Shuttle XP is a high density and dynamic vertical lift system. The Shuttle XP builds upon the tremendous success of the previous NT model. It is built to maximize on your ceiling height with units available up to 30 meters high. One unit can carry a gross load of 60 tones or more.
The Kardex Shuttle XP is a fully automated and intelligent product which will simultaneously measure, weigh and allocate products to be stored in the most space efficient location within the Shuttle. Combined with the Kardex software, you will be able to maximize the efficient use of your inventory giving details of availability, transactional history, and space utilization to boost your productivity increase even further.


Increased Picking Speed – Shuttle XP presents stock to the operator on the goods to man principle. The correct tray will be brought by the extractor to the access level. Software will tell the operator how many items to pick. Shuttle will also sort stock into an optimum picking sequence minimizing machine travel time. Anticipated improvements in picking speeds are four-fold.

Saving Space – Shuttle XP has an extremely high capacity within the smallest of foot print. Floor space savings of 80% will be typical when compared with conventional storage products.

Saving Time – The system delivers the selected tray to the access position in a matter of seconds. Lengthy periods of time wasted searching for stock are a thing of the past.

Health and Safety – The HSE guidelines on manual handling are comprehensive and clearly make employers responsible for introducing automation where possible to avoid the risks associated with manual handling. We estimate that 80% of the physical effort associated with manual systems will be eliminated by the introduction of Shuttle.

Better Protection – The contents of the Shuttle XP are protected against dust and unauthorized access. The units have internal shutter doors and additional options include PIN access control, fire protection and environmental temperature control.
Software & Controls – Successful installations have at their heart a fully integrated Kardex software package linking the Shuttle to their host IT systems ensuring that maximum benefits can be derived from this integrated approach.

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