OSR Shuttle™

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Highly dynamic shuttle system for the automatic storage, picking and sorting of goods. New technology makes simultaneous storage and retrieval possible on every rack level.




– Storage, interim storage or sorting of products or orders.
– Either containers or cartons may be used as load carriers.
– Up to 800 picks/puts per hour per OSR shuttle™ line.
– Simultaneous storage and retrieval processes on every OSR shuttle™ line.
– High-performance lift at the front side of every line for 800 picks/puts per hour.

Optimum Use of Space
– Product storage up to 100 m in length and 18 m in height.
– Compact arrangement of OSR lines possible.

High Availability System
Parallel and independent operation at all shelf levels. The safety technology in the OSR Shuttle™ complies with state-of-the-art standards. All access points to the system are secured with sensors. In order to make the necessary registration of rack line access as simple as possible and to minimize the number of necessary keys, and interlock system is used. The use of the proven principle of key exchange effectively prevents two people from entering an area unknown to each other and guarantees a fast and secure access in all situations. The compliance with all norms and standards is certified by TÜV and conformity to the CE confirmed.

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