Automated Storage and Retrieval System

Horizontal Carousel Storage System

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Horizontal carousel consists of a fixed number of adjacent storage columns or bays. These bays are linked mechanically to either an overhead or floor-mounted drive mechanism. This link forms a complete loop.
Each column consists of a fixed number of storage locations or bins. Containers or totes are inserted and retrieved either manually or using an automatic inserter/extractor mechanism.
Rotation of the carousel brings a specific storage location automatically to the picking location.

During horizontal carousel operation, a series of wire-racks revolve on an oval track. Every rack has shelves which are adjustable and can be configured for standard and special applications.

An operator enters a bin number, part number or cell location into the system and the carousel will use the shortest path to rotate towards it.
Horizontal carousels can save up to 75 percent of floor space, as well as increasing productivity by 2/3.