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The KNAPP-Store is an innovative storage and picking system that can be used along the entire pharmaceutical supply chain, whether in wholesale or for online pharmacies. The KNAPP-Store can store diverse articles effortlessly and occupies minimal space. It automates a wide spectrum of articles that would normally require a great deal of manual processing, with manageable investment costs and low costs per storage location.

Scalable dimensions and the use of a resilient robot increase quality and efficiency as well as providing maximum storage density using a minimum amount of space. The flexibility and performance required to respond swiftly to ever-changing demands are then available when needed. Moreover, the KNAPP-Store also meets the documentation requirements specific to the sector (lot tracking, serial number tracking, date mark) for single items.

A standard KNAPP-Store has a scalable rack line with glass shelves for maximum storage density, a reliable two-arm gripper system, a storage work station, output chutes as well as a customized software solution. There are several KNAPP-Store variants catering to different requirements and processes.