Mobile Container

Wanzl Roll Cage RC/N3

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Nestable mobile container, optimised loading (optimum use of space in trucks).
Warehouse and shipping space is valuable, therefore Wanzl mobile containers are collapsible and can be pushed together to save maximum space for transport and storage. You choose the desired design two side panels, fully closed or with hinged shelves, either as standard or optional equipment.

Square tube frame chassis, curved. Hinged support surface made of flat steel frame with wire, reinforced with flat steel strips. Container structure of round tube frame with wire mesh and plastic hinges. Door opening angle 270º.

2 fixed castors, 2 swivel castors with brakes Ø 125 mm. Elastic tread, grey.

High-gloss, galvanised, chrome-plated.

Moving aid
The integrated foot-operated rail aids movement over steps and door sills.

Can be nested to save space
Space requirement in row

per mobile container – 290 mm
For 10 mobile containers – 3480 mm
For 50 mobile containers – 15,080 mm


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