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Boltless Shelving

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The Light Duty Boltless Shelving is an improved version of the age-old slotted angle system. The improvisation is the absence of bolts and nuts. Our system is so easy to use, versatile and flexible. It is widely used to store light items such as electronic parts, apparels, footwear, automotive and industrial spare parts etc. Archive filing systems using our system is economical and we have even designed a retractable light ladder for retrieving and storage of items at higher shelf levels.
Other dimensions available upon request.

Detailed Overview

  • Dimension (mm):

  • Depth

    457 / 610

  • Length

    915 / 1220

  • Height

    1840 / 2160 / 2440

  • Colour


  • Shelf Material

    HDF Board / Cap Type Metal Shelf / Bending Type Metal Shelf